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Northport's Skippers reopens after months, with a fresh new look

Author: Andrew Theodorakis - Greater Huntington

Paul Gallowitch Sr. was working in the service industry on a cruise liner. It was 1963 and he had just left Austria for New York City. He jumped ship upon arrival. “Back then it wasn’t hard to do; we had work visas,” he told

Working as a waiter in different places, he met his wife Marie at an Irish pub. During a snowstorm the couple decided to visit Northport and fell in love with the area, eventually purchasing their own restaurant in 1978.

Over the past three decades Skippers has remained a cornerstone of the Northport community.

Skippers just underwent a big restoration, led by Paul Jr., now at the helm. The restaurant closed in November and just reopened this month. We quickly got in there for photos (below).

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